Participants are horses, trainers, drivers, breeders and owners participating in the current year's OSS program. While there are many horses nominated and sustained to the programs, participants in this website are limited to those described below:

Horses - a horse is a participant when it has had a minimum one start in the current year's OSS program, or is a sire or dam of a participating horse.

Trainers - a trainer is a participant when he/she has trained a participating horse and is identified as the trainer on the race line.

Owners - an owner is a participant when he/she is an owner of record of a participating horse on the date the horse participated in the current year's OSS event.

Drivers - a driver is a participant when he/she has driven a participating horse in a current year's OSS event.


Breeders - a breeder is a participant when registered as the breeder of a participating horse.

Nominated - a nominated horse is a yearling which has been nominated to the Ontario Sires Stakes program. Click on the horse's name to get details.

Sustained - a sustained horse is a two or three year old horse which has been sustained to the current year's OSS program. Click on the horse's name for details.

Note: A participating horse may be owned by a partnership. Standardbred Canada's registration database may list up to four owners of record, each will be identified as a participating owner.

Details of earnings are shown in total amount earned by the participating horse. No attempt is made to divide earnings between the number of owners in the partnership.

Note: Earnings shown are Ontario Sires Stakes earnings for the current year.

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