Stallion Directory

Click here  to view or print the list of stallions that are registered for the 2017 breeding season as of February 9th. Additional stallions will be added as received.

Lists of OSS stallions registered in the previous two seasons can be viewed below.

Stallion Directory
2017 Registered Stallions

2017 Registered Stallions - Pace
AstronomicalContact PedigreeBadlands HanoverContact PedigreeBay of SharksContact Pedigree
Beautiful SoulContact PedigreeBelieveinbruiserContact PedigreeBetterthancheddarContact Pedigree
Bettors DelightContact PedigreeBig JimContact PedigreeBoomboom BallykeelContact Pedigree
BP ChimoContact PedigreeCaprino HanoverContact PedigreeCash RegisterContact Pedigree
Classic Card SharkContact PedigreeControl The MomentContact PedigreeDaliContact Pedigree
Hes WatchingContact PedigreeLyonssomewhereContact PedigreeMcaracasContact Pedigree
McWickedContact PedigreeMonty MonoContact PedigreeMy Man CharleyContact Pedigree
OK BoromirContact PedigreePerfect UnionContact PedigreePhysicallyinclinedContact Pedigree
RambaranContact PedigreeRedline HanoverContact PedigreeRocknroll KingContact Pedigree
Royal MattjestyContact PedigreeShadow PlayContact PedigreeSir LuckContact Pedigree
Smack TalkContact PedigreeSportswriterContact PedigreeState TreasurerContact Pedigree
Sunshine BeachContact PedigreeThinking Out LoudContact PedigreeTigeramaContact Pedigree
Up The CreditContact PedigreeVintage MasterContact PedigreeWarrawee NeedyContact Pedigree
WhosurboyContact Pedigree

2017 Registered Stallions - Trot
Adam TContact PedigreeAge ProofContact PedigreeAmigo HallContact Pedigree
Angus HallContact PedigreeArchangelContact PedigreeCapo DolceContact Pedigree
Color SplashContact PedigreeCornaro DasoloContact PedigreeCrazedContact Pedigree
GlidemasterContact PedigreeHoliday RoadContact PedigreeIl Sogno DreamContact Pedigree
Johnny WilliamContact PedigreeJustice HallContact PedigreeKadabraContact Pedigree
Legacys PrideContact PedigreeMerchandiserContact PedigreeMuscle MassContact Pedigree
PrestidigitatorContact PedigreeRoyalty For LifeContact PedigreeTwin B RawleyContact Pedigree
Val TaurusContact PedigreeWere RollingContact PedigreeWheeling N DealinContact Pedigree

OSS Stallions registered for the 2016 breeding season (foals of 2017 to be nominated to the OSS as yearlings by May 15, 2018)

OSS Stallions registered for the 2015 breeding season (foals of 2016 to be nominated to the OSS as yearlings by May 15, 2017)