OSS Program Changes in 2017

Changes for 2017:

  • 2017 marks the beginning of the new $2M Owners' Bonus for 2- and 3-year-olds that are ONTARIO SIRED and/or ONTARIO BRED (mare was enrolled in the Ontario Resident Mare Program). The Bonus will be calculated according to the horse's earnings in overnight races in Ontario. Horses that are both ONTARIO SIRED and ONTARIO BRED will receive double the bonus
  • Starting Fees for OSS races will now be added directly to the purses for each event. The Horse Improvement Program (HIP) will contribute $180K to each Gold event. The Starting Fees will then be added to determine the purse for each division. For example, if there are 2 divisions, a 10 horse field will compete for a purse of $98K. In the event of only one Gold division, the HIP Contribution will be $117K. The Starting Fees will then be added, making the purse for a 10 horse field $125K
  • Starting Fees will also be added to Grassroots events. The HIP contribution will be $16K for each Grassroots division with a cap of $80K (5 divisions) for Grassroots 2yo pacing events and $64K (4 divisions) for all other Grassroots events. Therefore, a 10 horse field with 4 (5 for 2-year-old pacers) or less divisions will have a purse of $19,500
  • Grassroots Semi-Finals have been eliminated
  • Ontario Sired Rewards have been eliminated
  • Ontario Bred Rewards on OSS earnings, for owners of mares enrolled in the Ontario Resident Mare Program, have been capped at $1M
  • Ontario Bred Rewards for Open Stakes have been capped at $130K with an individual cap of 20% of Open Stakes earnings per horse
  • Ontario Bred Rewards will now be paid on a pro-rata basis so will be paid in January of the following year