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2017 OSS Yearling Nomination Form

Owners of yearlings eligible to be nominated to the Ontario Sires Stakes should be aware that yearling nomination forms were mailed in mid-April according to the information in the Standardbred Canada computer system at that time.

If you are the corresponding officer of an eligible yearling and have not yet received a nomination form, the Yearling Conditions as well as a blank Yearling Nomination form can be downloaded from the Forms section of this website.

The $100 nomination fee for Ontario sired foals of 2016 must be postmarked by May 15, 2017.

Owners are reminded that their yearlings must be registered at the time of nomination and Standardbred Canada requires that the DNA be completed before the foal is registered.

It is recommended that payments be sent by Registered mail so the sender has proof of mailing.

All cheques should be made payable and mailed to:
Ontario Sires Stakes
c/o Ontario Racing
400 - 10 Carlson Court
Toronto, ON  M9W 6L2

For more information please contact:
Karen Hauver
OSS Administration Coordinator
519 369-3545











OSS Racing Guides Available

May 4, 2017
The 2017 Ontario Sires Stakes Racing Guides were mailed last week to the first owner of all horses sustained to the OSS for the upcoming season.

Anyone who did not receive a Guide can pick one up at the Race Office of tracks that are currently racing or request one from the OSS Administration office at 519 369-3545 or

The Racing Guide is also available to download from the OSS website.





Ontario Racing Announces 2017 HIP Program

Ontario Racing Announces the
2017 Standardbred Horse Improvement Program (HIP)


As part of Ontario Racing’s (OR) vision to be the customer-focused leader and representative voice of a world class horse racing industry, OR has been tasked with directing breed improvement programs, including the Standardbred Improvement Program (SIP).
The 2017 Standardbred Improvement Program, in large part thanks to the recommendations of the Standardbred Advisory Group, has been approved by the Ontario Racing Board of Directors. The SIP program is one of the most successful of its kind in North America. Ontario sired and Ontario bred Standardbreds compete and win against the best in the world - with an increase in 2016 yearling sales as well as the number of mares bred to OSS stallions.
Due in part to higher than anticipated participation in the OSS program throughout 2016, the 2017 SIP program does not have the luxury of relying on the SIP Reserve. Higher than anticipated participation in both the Gold and Grassroots programs led to an increase in races and purses paid, and the full scope of the impact on the SIP Reserve was not clear until the close of the 2016 program season.
The 2017 HIP program will be fully funded at $30 million ($15 million for Standardbred). As such, the 2017 SIP was approved with a recognition of the necessity for prudent budgeting, given there is a limited SIP Reserve fund and recognizing the need to be aligned with projected revenues.
Ontario Racing benefits from the expertise of breed-focused advisory groups. The Standardbred Advisory Group is comprised of representatives of the Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association, Central Ontario Standardbred Association, Ontario Harness Horse Association, Standardbred Canada, Woodbine Entertainment Group, Grand River Raceway, Clinton Raceway, as well as members-at-large.

With the help and advice of the Standardbred Advisory Group, OR has approved a 2017 SIP budget and race schedule. The 2017 program is projected to be $16.7M, with projected OSS purses of $12.8M, the inclusion of the new $2M Owners Bonus, a $1M Ontario Bred Rewards based on OSS earnings, and $130k Ontario Bred Rewards based on Open Stakes Earnings. 
OR would like to thank the Standardbred Advisory Group for their hard work and careful consideration in developing a 2017 plan for the continued success of the Ontario Program.
Ontario Racing is also pleased to confirm that the association will be commissioning a full, third party HIP Review in the months to follow.  The purpose of the HIP Review is to measure the HIP successes against current objectives, to identify value for money, to recommend new objectives (if needed) and to establish a secure and sustainable funding framework for the Program going forward.  Ontario Racing is committed to supporting world class harness racing in this province, and we are committed to continuing to advocate on your behalf to industry partners.


2017 SIP Program Details
The new $2M Owners’ Bonus will be in place for 2017. This bonus will be calculated based on the overnight earnings in Ontario for all 2 and 3-year-old Ontario Sired and Ontario Bred horses. A double bonus will be paid if the horse is both Ontario Sired and Ontario Bred. 
In 2017, to provide increased budget certainty, the OSS Program will switch to being an Added Money Program as far as Starting Fees are concerned. Starting Fees for a Gold event will remain at $800 and HIP will contribute $180,000 to each of the 5 events for age, sex and gait. This amount will be divided between the number of divisions required and the starting fees will be added to the appropriate divisions. For example, if there are two divisions, the purse for a field with 10 starters will be $98,000. The purse will fluctuate depending on the number of divisions and starters. If only one division is required, the HIP contribution will be $117,000 making the purse for a field of 10 starters $125,000.
As in previous years, no Starting Fee will be required for the Gold Super Final. The purse will be $225,000.
The Grassroots Program will continue to have 6 legs for each age, sex and gait. Grassroots purses will also have the Starting Fees added to the HIP contribution. Grassroots starting fees will remain at $350. For example, a field of 10 horses will compete for $19,500. The HIP portion for Grassroots divisions will be $16,000 per division, up to a maximum of $64,000 per event (4 divisions) for all age, sex and gaits except for 2-year-old pacers. Taking into account the breakdown of yearling nominations from 2016, the 2-year-old pacers are expected to require more divisions than the trotters so the maximum HIP contribution for 2-year-old pacing colts and 2-year-old pacing fillies will be $80,000 (5 divisions).
As usual, no starting fee will be required for the Grassroots Finals and the purse remains at $50,000.
The Semi-Finals have been eliminated for 2017.
The Ontario Sired Rewards, have been eliminated from the Program, which allows the Ontario Bred Rewards on OSS earnings to be raised to a maximum of $1M. For budget certainty, Ontario Bred Rewards will no longer be paid as a percentage of earnings but on a pro-rata basis and based on projected purses, it is anticipated that participants will receive a percentage that is higher than that of prior years.  Ontario Bred Rewards for Open Stakes have been capped at $130,000, to be paid on a pro-rata basis, with an individual cap of 20% of Open Stakes earnings per horse in 2017.

2017 OSS Program



Gold Leg with multiple divisions                         

$180,000 divided by number of divisions + Starting Fees ($800) added directly to purses

Gold Leg (One Division)

$117,000 + Starting Fees ($800) added
directly to purse

Gold Super Final


Grassroots Division
(6 legs for each age/sex/gait)

$16,000 + Starting Fees ($350) added directly to purses. Maximum HIP contribution per event - $64,000 ($80,000 for 2-year-old pacers)

Grassroots Final





Ontario Bred Rewards for OSS earnings

$1M paid on a pro-rata basis in January of following year

Ontario Bred Rewards for Open Stakes

$130,000 paid on a pro-rata basis in January of following year (individual cap of 20% per horse)

Owners’ Bonus


$2M. 2 and 3-year-old horses that are Ontario Sired or Ontario Bred are eligible for the bonus based on their overnight earnings in Ontario. Horses that are both Ontario Sired and Ontario Bred will receive double the bonus. Paid on a pro-rata basis in January of following year



Click here for the 2017 OSS Schedule sorted by Gold and Grassroots Events


For more information please contact:
Karen Hauver
OSS Administration Coordinator
519 369-3545


OSS Race Videos Available on the OSS Website

Click here for details

Overnight Conditions for Ontario Sired Horses

Horsemen looking for overnight races for their Ontario sired horses at any track in Ontario can now access this information on the Standardbred Canada website.
Clicking the link below will display a list of conditions for overnight races written specifically for Ontario sired horses. These conditions are listed by age and gait from current condition sheets from all tracks across Ontario.
Ontario Sired Overnight Conditions

OSS Mailing Address

Please note the address and phone numbers for the Ontario Sires Stakes:

Sires Stakes

c/o Ontario Racing,
400-10 Carlson Court
Toronto, ON  M9W 6L2

Fax: 519-369-2563